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Service Areas

We deliver service of process for the following counties in east Tennessee, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and southern Alabama.

Knox County


Harrison County


Mobile County


Service Of Process

Submission Form

Submit Form  & Payment > Confirmation Email >

Attempt Schedule > Attempt Updates > Proof of Service/Non-Service Affidavit

General Pricing.

Service Of Process





Same Day


Three attempts within ten (10) business days of payment.

Three attempts within three (3) business days, with the first attempt in the first 24 hours after payment.

Three attempts within 24 hours of payment.

Additional Charges

• Digital Affidavit

+$0.00 (Included)

• Original Affidavit


• Prints (first 35 pages)

+$0.00 (Included)

• Prints (page 36+)

+$0.35 per page

• Skip Trace


• Affidavit Notary


• GPS & Photo Evidence

+$0.00 (Included)

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